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Ironically, the only time  I have had to update my blog in the last few weeks has been in transit. And that’s difficult: You have to press the keys really hard. To be honest, the best part of my journey so far has been the feeling of release peeing 8 hours into a 12 hour flight. With all those people waiting outside the door it just wasn’t going to happen earlier =(

Sleeping on the ground in Kuala Lumpur airport for an hour probably comes next. I was so slaughtered that the unyielding piece of floor beneath me was no problem. It was a long night there though and I thought the sun would rise earlier:

What time does the sun rise in Kuala Lumpur?
When will dawn reclaim the horizon?
Her towers may stand dormant, but their auras dilute the night,
while, diligent as termites, workers carry their torches along the shadow trails.
And the twin guides of crescent and star emboss the surface of the water.

What time does the sun rise in Kuala Lumpur?
Does this occur regularly?
Possibly tomorrow can remind us that there is daylight,
or that which illuminates the darkness for us now
is the faithful harbinger to morning in some coming age.

When will the sun rise in Kuala Lumpur?
How will the capital respond to its arrival?
The stillness and silence, the thick and the pitch
deepen, before first light, like blood
through water, dismantles the sable skies and onwards slips.

Thank you Emily Dickinson (cf. Will there really be a morning?).

If you’re in the business of praying, please pray for health, safety and dependence on God. You can also pray for Ty, Rachel and Keren, the others in my team. Pray that the kingdom would come. They’re part of the ‘Refresh’ conference tonight, which, as much as I know is a worship night. Pray for anointing and that people would know God more closely through this =)

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