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Recently I’ve been given to daydreaming. The most decadent fantasy involves my current self inhabiting my body ten to fifteen years ago. My current Pokemon knowledge to then Pokemon knowledge is like comparing Pavarotti to Justin Bieber. I was however, no Bieber. What is more, imagine the nicknames I could have given them! What follows then is a list of Pokemon from the first 150 whose base stats are 469 (Pidgeot) or above, and nicknames according to  their status respectively as Light (protector/redeemer attributes), Nature (particular/character attributes) and Dark (destroyer/deceiver attributes — clearly the most interesting and most appropriate for assembling a competitive team):

Pidgeot confronts Charizard  on tax evasion

Pidgeot confronts Charizard on tax evasion

Pidgeot: Gwaihir, Luftwaffe, Crossbow

Clefable: Elysium, Pixie, Fallen

Kingler: Knight, Mr Krabs, Massacre

Dewgong: Saint, Frostbite, Torpedo

Raichu: Freedom, Cheese, Hangman

Victreebel: Tomorrow, Venus, Savage

Vileplume: Epiphany, Lunar, Alcatraz

Electrode: Genesis, Nucleus, Abaddon

Hypno: Faith, Paradox, Chaos

Golem: Castle, The Rock, Sisyphus

Rhydon: Liberty, Safari, Eschaton

Weezing: Utopia, Jumentous, Yolo

Tauros late for the wedding in "Four Weddings and a Funeral"

Tauros late for the wedding in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”

Tauros: Anima, Tempest, Animus

Kangaskhan: Grace, Skippy, Forsaken

Electabuzz: Vital, Tiger, Scorpion

Alakazam: Nirvana, Socrates, Endgame

Slowbro: Wisdom, Sinker, Styx

Nidoqueen: Esperance, Bella, Jezebel

Nidoking: Soul, Rex, Bowser

Kabutops: Victory, Touché, Katana

Omastar: Friend, Oyster, Arbalest

Magmar: Votive, Grill, Furnace

Scyther: Nimbus, Oddjob, Machete

Muk: Pure, σκύβαλον, Egesta

Gengar and Haunter check out the ladies

Gengar and Haunter on a hot day

Gengar: Martyr, Sable, Purgatory

Pinsir: Halo, Ivory, Vice

Poliwrath: Righteous, Knuckles, Smackdown

Golduck: Glory, Sapphire, Capone

Rapidash: Shadowfax, Pegasus, Kelpie

Machamp: Justice, Beats, Judgement

Ninetales: Promise, Lupus, Anubis

Tentacruel: Elect, Jell-o, Mephisto

Aerodactyl: Ether, Concord, Reaper

Starmie: Rainbows, Galaxy, Death Star

Exeggutor: Absolve, Poached, Mortal

Venusaur: Elixir, Whiplash, Nox

An antiques dealer contemplates the best way to prepare Cloyster for dinner

An antiques dealer contemplates the best way to prepare Cloyster for dinner

Cloyster: Shield, Walnuts, Phantom

Flareon: El Dorado, Bite Me, Consecrate

Vaporeon: Eternity, Pearl, Abrogate

Jolteon: Shepherd, Foxy, Castrate

Blastoise: Sentinel, Slug Gun, Capital

Charizard: Phoenix, Spitfire, Legion

Lapras: Avalon, Nessie, Requiem

Gyarados: Paladin, Volvagia, Tsunami

Snorlax: Epitome, Flesh, Sheol

Arcanine: Aslan, Hound, Cerberus

Articuno: Spirit, Sub Zero, Void

Moltres: Eros, Vulcan, Tartarus

Zapdos flashes some Sunday strollers

Zapdos flashes some Sunday strollers

Zapdos: Light, Supernova, Thanatos

Mew: Panacea, Pneuma, Fate

Dragonite: Seraph, Millennia, Charon

Mewtwo: Swansong, Zeitgeist, Apocalypse

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